I am updating from my phone, of all things, because my laptop is busted. While a new one is on the list, with my recent job changes, it isn’t a priority in the budget. And while I should be writing, it’s hard to stress it because…

Everything has been great.

After the stress of my last job, and the relative “chill” that is now, I’m focussing on the positive more than ever. I have been doing a lot of reflection and working on myself as a person, fully aware that I am flawed. One of the bigger issues I have has been always paying more attention to the negative. And that should be a crime! Life is so short. And I am a lucky, lucky person. I can’t imagine wasting so much time on the negative when I have so many things to be excited about.

I have an amazing tribe filled with some of the most talented, most funny, most intelligent, most beautiful and most loving souls around.  Who am I to ignore that? Why can’t I realize that as much as I realize all the things that are wrong? I have four beautiful, healthy children that inspire me daily. Their wonder and optimism alone should be enough. I have opportunities. The list goes on.

Yeah, I’m on a bit of a high. No drugs, no alcohol. Just came back from Rainforest Writers Retreat where I spent the weekend submerged in a snowy haven with interesting people, good books, and -some- writing on my part. Went to a reading yesterday where it was a flash of the same thing, but it was also exciting to share in someone’s success. Plus cake. Decadent cake. Light-as-air cake. But…Mostly the writer success stuff. My new job is ten times more chill than my last. I was a ball of stress and at the end of my rope all summer. I won’t have to do that again. And I can’t believe my people put up with me, those that did. I don’t blame others for bailing, either.

I don’t want to be one of those people that has to lose something to fully appreciate it. And I don’t want to be the constant victim that wants so desperately to be miserable. I have choices. And more than that, I am fortunate beyond belief to have those that I have, and while I have them, I’m going to focus on the positive 🙂


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