It has been 5 days, 3 hours, and 22 minutes since my last pie was made.

If you ever want to watch the sweetest, most clever little show that involves pie-making, a tall, awkward and handsome man, and a girl named Chuck, you have to see Pushing Daisies. But I will warn you in a way I was never warned – there are only 2 seasons. In a show that rivals Firefly for most significant numbers of people wanting a resurrection, this show ended before it could take off.

Ned the Piemaker and a Girl Named Chuck

As a writer, the premise is witty, charming, and endless. Ned is a piemaker that can wake the dead for 60 seconds or someone else “in proximity” dies permanently (but the rez’d person lives). As soon as he touches the dead again, they are dead forever. So naturally, in the first episode, he resurrects his first love – a girl named Chuck. But he can never touch her again, or she will die forever. Emerson is a cynical private detective that uses Ned’s ability to solve murders and gain rewards. Olive is Ned’s salty waitress at The Pie Hole. The whole show has a beautiful, 50’s style aesthetic without the social issues that time period was privy to.

Olive has needs.

A tall, dorky man that bakes? Yes, I loved Ned immediately. But the show also made me curious with all the pies they were constantly making. For her aunts, Chuck makes a pear pie with a Gruyere crust. I have tried this, though the cheese is lost on me, my inability to smell and all. Emerson often orders a plum pie and I FINALLY am making that as it is one I have not yet made. You ever realize a lot of pies start with the letter P? Pecan, pumpkin, peach, pear, pineapple, and plum… I know I’m forgetting something.

Here is the recipe – Again, I love Allrecipes as the comments and reviews often allow for tweaking of even the best and most solid recipes. This one includes their crust, but I used my own tried and true flaky crust. A struesel topping means only needing one pie crust, and throwing a bunch of stuff on the top. I have to admit, I love it, especially on the last berry pie I made.

While I wish this show had more seasons, they did try to wrap it up at the end, at least. But I always wanted to know – What happened with Ned and Chuck!? Sure, it was super sweet – They kissed with plastic wrap between them, as he couldn’t physically touch her again. And while the show is fairly PG he made references to..prosthetics, but seriously? The love of your life and you can’t touch, skin to skin? WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? My love for this show feels an awful lot like a relationship where it’s all magical and sparks and upwards movement and then one day you’re sitting by yourself, staring at a blank space, going “What happened?” But let’s not get TOO real here 😉

Emerson keeps it real.

This is my rainy day, “the world sucks” show. So naturally I’m rewatching it lately. It’s so optimistic. It’s romantic. It believes in the best in everybody. It’s purely fiction. You so desperately want to be Chuck but realize you’re Olive, left out, drooling over someone that has their googly eyes on someone else. We all want to be someone else. The older I get, the more I realize, as cliche as it sounds, and as messed up as I am – I like being me.


Pie! Oh the pie – Let’s go back there. I made this pie. It’s the first plum pie I’ve ever made, but really, any fruit pie is the same process. I do think my favorite is still the honeyed pear pie, but moods dictate a lot. When I’m up in the air I LOVE going to the Pie Bar in Ballard and trying a pie that sounds good for the moment and a delicious mixed drink to pair with it. Which makes me think of Valentines day and how unlike so many previously I may actually have a date with a handsome stranger. But there are no GIFs for that 😉 Going to keep those for my lil’ brain.

Really shouldn’t drink wine and blog. But look at this! The kids loved it. But I dare say their bar is fairly low for all things that include fruit and -some- added sugar.

Going to go curl up with some delicious red wine and some plum pie. It’s getting insane out there, fam. Take care of yourselves. Love your neighbor. Don’t be a dick. We’ll all get through this together ❤


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