Welcome to my blog!

This is my fourth blog, to be exact. I previously experimented with pen names before deciding my name was alright. In other words, it takes extra efforts to keep up an alias. Who has time for that? I don’t.

I am Kelli. Mother to four children. Freshly thirty years old. Twice divorced.  Independent person.

My loves include (people excluded) coffee, chocolate, wine, waffles….Really most desserts and most savory things. Food. I love food. Period. And baking desserts. I love cheesy romance stories and movies, as well as sci-fi and fantasy. Shows that take up way too much of my time include Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Fargo, and Halt and Catch Fire. X-Files will always hold a special place in my heart, but the last season left me scratching my head. And not in the usual X-Files, head scratching way. I play World of Warcraft. When I find time.

Dislikes include cottage cheese, jell-o, the word pus (I can’t even type it without gagging) and rude or otherwise entitled people. Caillou. I know he’s a kid. But what I feel for that bald, animated bastard is unparalleled hatred and loathing.

But that is all you need to know about that. Some people love the personal blogs. The internet is filled with unique snowflakes. But if you see a blog here (after this one, of course) it will discuss one of four things – baking, adventures, writing, and my personal favorite – dork interests.

You see, kids, it took me 28 years to figure out that it is ok to be a dork. 28 YEARS! I always thought I was weird (which is true, but I considered it to be negative) because I did not connect strongly with people. I never shared many common interests with my circle of friends.

Long story short – I found my crowd. It helped put everything before into context. I never truly connected to anyone before two years ago, and I since stopped hiding the parts of me I was told did not go along with being a woman.  Or told if I wanted a decent guy I needed to act differently. Don’t get me wrong. I have flaws. And I work on those daily. But I’m never again hiding what I enjoy or what I’m passionate about.

Except for the privacy curtain. But we’ll get to that later.

Or we won’t. …

That’s about as personal and ridiculous as I’ll get. I look forward to sharing the other aspects of my dorky world with you!

Yours forever (or until I quit blogging)

Dork Girl– Kelli Stasi


Minions at Gasworks Park. 


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